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PJD 001 - Treacherous Jaywalkers - Earth

The original 'beyond-core' tape that started it all. The superior recording techniques by the inventive Steve Tounsand only help to accentuate the mind boggling music created by James Fenton, Quinn Haber and Josh Haden. A must for any collector. Cassette.


PJD 002 - Mustard - Meet the Mustards

A great tape from a great band. Features such classics as 'Idea No. 17' and 'I Don't Think So'. Music to sooth the savage pet. Cassette.


PJD 003 - Alter Drown - Are You Animal? Are You Machine?

The best melodious metallic thrash I've ever heard. Features former S.O.S./Equidemius drummer Jon Silverblatt. Truly inspirational. Cassette.


PJD 004 - Treacherous Jaywalkers - Insidious Sun

The second tape from PJD's premier minds. This tape shows growth in a band that would eventually sign to SST Records. Features such greats as 'Waited Until Now' and 'Strangers in the Night'. Cassette.


PJD 005 - OUT - Once Upon A Time

Now officially released, and definitely worth getting. Robert Hilburn would call this tape 'Important'. Is it Metal? Blues? Disco? It's all that and more. Instrumental insanity. Cassette.


PJD 006 - Treacherous Jaywalkers - Fun

Yet more from this POWER trio. Features the original versions of songs to be found on their SST releases. Cassette.


PJD 007 - Animal - Against the Sky

Featuring former S.O.S. and Alter Drown guitarist Eddi Gregor. Seven great, Krimson-esque songs that'll send your head spinning. Includes the classic 'The Lake'. Cassette.


PJD 008 - Mustard - Probe

The second tape from the Dynamic Trio. On this tape they expand the definition of the term 'music'. Includes that Sesame Street standard 'Seven'. Cassette.


PJD 009 - Oblitasaurus - Oblitasaurus

You heard about them in Maximum Rock and Roll as 'Quest For Toast' and 'Happy Alive'. Now they're Oblitasorus, and they don't stop. Bone crushing bass from Mr. Roy Miyake. Features the greatest song ever 'Toad's Ride'. Awesome. Cassette.


PJD 010 - P.V.H.C. - 9 Piece Yogurt Video Bucket; 99¢ A Shirt

This tape has the longest name of any PJD band. Contains something for everybody, and nothing for nobody. First release by world reknowned Frosty Fly and The Sucker M.C. Cassette.


PJD 011 - Animal - Stay Wild

this is the second tape from Animal, side one recorded in one weekend. Raw power supreme. Features half-speed version of the S.O.S. favorite 'The Harvest'. Cassette.


PJD 012 - Shower of Smegma - Shower of Smegma

With a median age of 14, they played the L.A. / Hollywood club circuit in the early '80's with the likes of such great bands as D.R.I., Dr. Know, Entropy, Excel, Stukas Over Bedrock, Justice League, Uh!, Balance of Terror and Armed Response. One of the first bands to crossover punk with the dirge of Sabbath, and not get caught up in cheese-metal. None of them old enough to drive, their parents would drive them to the gigs. What else can be said?


PJD 013 - Soil - Midnight Soil

Throbbing jazz-funk exploration with sax, bass and drums. Featuring Animal personality Pete Ruskin on drums. Cassette.


PJD 014 - Urinalysis - Now We Are On Pluto

The latest from Austin Troy. Featuring Joey Waronker on Drums. Heavenly songs about heavenly bodies. Features the classic 'I Snot on You'. Cassette.


PJD 015 - Animal - Ruins

Once again reminding us of our inextricably close ties to nature and Mother Earth, Animal belts out another exploration of the riverbed of humanity. Cassette.


PJD 016 - Smiling Jesus - Sniffer

Animal vs. Treacherous. Eddi and Fran vs. James. Some would call it 2 on 1 and unfair, but James holds his own against this tag team of melodic adroitness and rhythmic elusiveness. Put together over a two week Christmas vacation and accross 400 miles, they were incredibly prolific for their short stay on this planet. Say hi to the big dipper for me, guys. 'Royal', 'Lu', every song is a masterpiece. Cassette.


PJD 017 - Linus On Fire - Linus On Fire

The best of many worlds meets here. One of the most incestuous bands since Octoberfaction. Pete from Soil / Animal, Sean from Mustard / Alter Drown, Eddi from S.O.S. / AlterDrown / Animal / OUT / Oblitasaurus / Hedgehog, Matt from Hedgehog and Jesse from... Linus On Fire. Oh yeah, and it's better than Octoberfaction. Much better. Cassette.


PJD 018 - Caustic - Grind

Fred Baum and the fellas destroy everything with their ' Rites of Spring a la Crossroads' sound. Cassette


PJD 019 - Mustard - Moss Landing

The mustards getting the groove on once again, with a little Santa Cruz in their blood. Cassette

PJD 020 - P.V.H.C. - Make A Decision, People Will Listen

Second release by this duo that marks PJD's first attempt at experimental electric / electronic music. Fuck off all you electronica / Nine Inch Nails wanna bees, these guys were doin' it before anyone knew what to call it. They deserve all the credit for everything new in music for the last 10 years, bar none. Cassette.


PJD 021 - Soil - Life of the Party

Ruskin's jazz redemption. Part jazz, part funk. All you Charlie Hunter fans, these guys were the first. Cassette.


PJD 022 - Hedgehog- Wilderness of Body

First tape put out by these emo / post-punk shaolin masters. Tricky off-time rhythms coupled with intense melodic masterings. Can't touch this! Cassette


PJD 023 - Hedgehog- Hedgehog

An impressive slab of young talent. Quick and full of spark. This trio goes sidewinding from funky jazz to poppy punk. All with incredible accuracy and execution. 7 inch.


PJD 024 - Caustic - Gnat in My Eye

Yet another onslaught of Fred Baumness. Cassette.


PJD 025 - Ralph's Eviction - Shplar Noitcive

Simply put, the Minutemen of Santa Cruz. Cassette.


PJD 026 - Nihilist - Nihilist

Pre-Hedgehog Mike Schmiedt tears through blacker than black metal-punk with now Lost Goat singer Ericka belting it out and letting you know where you can shove it with her sweet but deadly vocals. A must for those who wish Sabbath were still around. Cassette.


PJD 027 - Caustic - Caustic

Back to show they mean business, the Caustic Crew pour it all out on seven inches. 7 inch.


PJD 028 - Mustard - Mustard

'Burn The Green', 'Groovy Waters', and the ultimate tribute to the Minutemen's D. Boon, 'Song For D.'. This little slab of wax proves that Mustard's not just for breakfast anymore. 7 inch.


PJD 029 - Hedgehog - Tree Head

The boys are back to dodge and dart and throw you off their psycho off-time emo train ride to hell. Early versions of songs later released on their first Cargo/Headhunter release 'You Happy Face'. Cassette.


PJD 030 - P.V.H.C . - Deaf, Down and Dead On It

Once again breaking new ground, these 'Last Poets' of the 'Martian Church' give new meaning to the term 'Zombie Sleep Disease'. More rhymes than you can shake a mic at, more scratching than you can shake a turntable at, and definitely way too many fucked-up, bare-balled, funky-ass beats. Beastie's, please pass the crown. Cassette.


PJD 031 - The Cleavers - Meet the Cleavers

Drew from the infamous Hedgehog shows his talents on guitar on this rip-roaring punk-a-deliciously furious release. Cassette.


PJD 032 - Q - The Lost Coast

Former Treacherous Jaywalker 'Q' leads us on his journey to the deep blue and beyond. Wrap yourself up in some kelp and slowdive reefside where Q shows us that true angels don't exist just above the clouds but are just below the surface of the sea. Cassette.

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